Dome patios & Flat roof Patios

A classic look that never goes out of style. JB Patios and Fabrication will design, create, deliver and install custom outdoor patios to suit every property. One of the aspects about flat and dome patios that attracts many customers is that the style is so versatile. We can tailor your individual structure to suit a variety of traditional and modern designs. Whichever you choose, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that it enhances the financial value and aesthetics of your home.

Flat Roof Patios

Flat roof patios are very common Perth patios as they not only provide the perfect outdoor sun protection but also give homeowners the opportunity to create a unique and versatile sheltered space. Our team at JB Patios Perth can install the perfect flat r00f patio design to cover any area around your home, creating a functional space which will enhance your home and lifestyle. We believe our flat roof patio designs are the most affordable option in creating the outdoor living space you've always wanted! If you're looking for a cost effective and affordable way to create a more usable area, the flat roof patio is the way to go.


See our affordable Flat Roof Patio DIY kits and install yourself!

Dome Patios

The gentle curve of dome patios can soften the appearance of hard-edged, straight-line properties often found in other patio styles. Dome patios are enhanced by their unique style and additional air flow caused by the greater height clearance. Dome patios let in the natural light while keeping the harsh Perth summer heat out. The increased height clearance maximises the use of space, perfect for entertaining guests! Dome patios are a popular choice for adding protection to pools or spa areas. 

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