Carport patios

You can have the latest security features and the strongest locks on your car, but thieves will always be able to break the windows. If you really want to keep your car safe, keep it off the street. Even a car in an open structure in a yard presents a less-inviting target than one on the street. JB Perth Patios and Fabrication designs and builds a range of structures that makes it easier to keep your car on your property and behind your fence.

One of Perth’s leading carport builders, we’ve helped thousands of home-owners just like yourself create on-property parking for their vehicles the affordable way. Available in both free-standing and attached configurations, our carports are versatile and multifunctional, adding value to the home and improving its overall appearance.

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Quality at affordable prices

When you choose a contractor, you want to make sure you’re getting the best. At JB Patios and Fabrication, we source from reputable Australian suppliers including Orrcon Steel, BlueScope Steel and Stramit Building Products, making sure that we start with the finest materials to get you the most satisfactory outcome.

Our company was founded and is led by Jay Bunton, a local manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience working in industry. We work hard to deliver the very finest builds at the most competitive prices from our Malaga facility, making our services accessible to more people across the Perth metropolitan area. Rest assured that when you contract us for your project, you’re guaranteed great quality workmanship and a fantastic standard of customer service.

Find out how we could enhance your outdoor space

When it comes to finding the right team to beautify and extend the functionality of your home, you can’t go past JB Patios and Fabrication. Operating across the city from Armadale and the rest of South Perth up to Joondalup and Wanneroo in the North of Perth, we help more people in more places get the home they want with our flat and domed roof patios.